Internet trolls taunt ‘Beneath the Lies’ after suspension off air


Circumstances surrounding the suspension of Beneath the Lies barely two episodes into its run on Urban TV have sparked a barrage of taunts and conspiracy theories from the public.

Angry fans have taken to social media to mock the show and its producers following the sudden halt accruing from loss of footage and filming equipment.

Daniel Omara in a behind-the-scene shot for 'Beneath the Lies'

Daniel Omara in a behind-the-scene shot for ‘Beneath the Lies’

The popular four-season drama series had its much-anticipated debut on December 17 last year, and was supposed to be showing a new episode every week.

Fans were however taken aback when Urban kept showing only the first two episodes of the show soon after the second week.

A statement released on the series’ official Facebook page yesterday however finally cleared the air by announcing that that the show was forced to take a sudden break following loss of footage and filming equipment in a studio burglary last month.

Actors Gaetano Kagwa and Flavia Tumusiime getting upclose and personal in a steamy scene from the show.

Actors Gaetano Kagwa and Flavia Tumusiime getting upclose and personal in a steamy scene from the show.

“This is regrettable because the series had built a large following after only two episodes”, Michael Owor, Urban TV Station Manager, was quoted saying in the rather brief and reassuring brief statement.

But in a rather sick twist of events, scores of online users have left abusive messages questioning the producers’ common sense and integrity.

“You mean you guys never kept backup? You really are careless and suck! I mean who is so stupid to put all his balls in one basket apart from God?” one Osen Nsereko wrote in an expletive and slang-laden post.

The series' creator and writer, Nana Kagga-Macpherson was too devastated to give us a comment.

The series’ creator and writer, Nana Kagga-Macpherson, seen here at the show’s premiere ceremony last month, was too devastated to give us a comment.

Several other critics weighed in and gave their own versions of what the truth of the matter might actually be, with the major one suggesting that the producers are not being honest.

“Nice way to tell the world you only had two episodes,” one Samuel Nick noted while another Facebook user by the name of Shakeerah Nahia sarcastically remarked that she saw it coming.

Others threatened to shift their loyalty to rival series Deception, whose fifth season premieres on NTV two days from now.

A police statement released today indicates that three suspects are being detained at Jinja Road police station in connection with the December 30 early morning crime on the series’ production studio in the upscale city neighborhood of Lakeside Villas.

Part of the show's cast and crew at the premiere last month.

Part of the show’s cast and crew at the premiere last month.

“The thugs struck when the crew had just finished shooting the last episodes and had gone out to relax after a long day’s work. Our officers are still scrutinizing CCTV footage to find possible clues,” read in part the statement.

The list of stolen items including camera math box, camera lens, camera body, desktop computers, laptops, DVD players and hard drives is valued at a whopping $76,000 (about Shs197.6m).

Fans are now hoping the incident won’t be akin to what happened in 2013 when the then super-popular local series The Hostel took a ‘Christmas break’ but never returned on air due to a number of production shortcomings.

It however particularly comes as big blow to the TV show that billed itself as a game-changer but yet faced damning reviews on the very night it premiered.

Created, written and co-produced by Nana Kagga-Macpherson, a Ugandan engineer that found fame in Hollywood as an actress and filmmaker, Beneath the Lies follows the story of two girls sold into sex slavery at an early age.

Their eventful journey to self-discovery is dotted with many scandals and controversies such as betrayal, drug-use, infidelity, lust and crime.

It is helmed by award-winning Kenyan filmmaker David Tosh Gitonga, and boasts a celebrity cast with little acting experience including Cedric Babu, Gaetano Kagwa, Flavia Tumusiime, Rabadaba, Hellen Lukoma, Suzan Nava, Daniel Omara and Patrick Idringi among others.

Kagga-Macpherson was too devastated to give us a comment by press time although she promised to get back to us soon.


2 thoughts on “Internet trolls taunt ‘Beneath the Lies’ after suspension off air

  1. Nathan says:

    let this be a lesson to us Ugandan film makers, directors and those that hope to join the group…. lets prepare adquately for our projects.
    In my honest opinion, if ever there was a robbery, it was stage managed by the same group either as a monkey trick to try and buy time as they revisited their lacking script given the prior negative reception of the first episode, or, it could be that the terms with Urban TV had not been “sealed” because only a blind man can agree that Urban Tv decided and actually started airing the series with only two episodes in their hands. I would like to think that by the time they premiered the series, they had completed with atleast half of the season’s episodes and that they had shared with Urban TV for them to start airing the 1st season. Why stop at the 2nd episode? putting that aside, who in the world can believe that these right thinking storry tellers could have left equipment and investments worth of $76,000 (about Shs197.6m) in a place without security??? where were the guards to the studio?? where is their backup? Dear beneath the lies, stop the lies………….. even toddlers can see it that you are living up to your name…..

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