Sekyaya counts profits as The Ugandan sells


Acclaimed Ugandan filmmaker Patrick Sekyaya is smiling en route to the bank following last Friday’s successful premiere of his latest film, The Ugandan.

The Shs70m budget AfriPlus Films-produced movie made an impressive home debut by screening to a full 377-capacity house at the National Theatre in Kampala, after enjoying a successful year-long global tour in which it won a couple of awards and screened at elite festivals.


ELEGANT: Part of the film’s cast at the premiere.

“All I can say is that I have made good profits,” a beaming Sekyaya has told us. “The demand was so high we had to lock out some people because there was no more room for them,” he added, revealing he will hold a series of other cinema screenings across Kampala before the movie goes on DVD.

But Sekyaya didn’t only make a killing from ticket sales. There was also the hefty financial endorsement from over a dozen topnotch corporate companies.

“I was probably the first Ugandan filmmaker to get as much support from the corporate world,” he boasted of the rare feat. It’s usually hard to convince companies to support local cinema, although a few good films have managed to do the talking.


STYLE: A tuxedoed Sekyaya disembarks from a white limousine, his one-and-half year old son by his side.

“There is definitely no discrediting the role of my film’s international platform will play towards the success of its Ugandan premiere,” Sekyaya was rightly quoted saying ahead of the Friday show.

But he also had to put in an effort of his own in form of giving the premiere aggressive mass and social media hype. Such pomp was also evident on Friday.

A typical Hollywood-like red carpet affair, the fete saw a tuxedoed Sekyaya, his Indian fiancé and their one-and-half year old son, arrive in a white limousine amid wild cheers from hundreds of excited fans.


SOLD OUT: It was a full house at the National Theatre.

Screening of the film themed on racial tensions between native Ugandans and Asian-Ugandans was preceded by a polite cocktail, cake-cutting and photography sessions.

“I wanted to challenge myself by tackling this controversial relationship between Ugandans and Indians,” Sekyaya said of the film that boasts a novice cast of Ugandans and Indians.

Former Miss Uganda and supporting actress Dora Mwima caused excitement of her own while giving a brief pre-screening speech in which she lauded the level of unity on set. She rocked a tiny blue dress, flowing golden wig and a chunky diamond necklace. She crowned her stunning look with tall silver heels that made sure she kept a couple of inches taller than the rest of the film’s cast and crew.


HOT: Supporting actress Lindsay Mbabazi (M) with friends at the premiere.

Indian speakers on the other hand reemphasized their community’s importance in the development of Uganda. Despite the small population of about 20,000, Indian-Ugandans contribute over 60% to national GDP, statistics claim.

But obviously the evening’s encore came with the movie – a rather bold look at the conflict that has been raging since Dictator Idi Amin’s regime. The film opens with a powerful scene in which two frightened Indians are frantically running away from a machete-wielding mob of Ugandans.

We are then introduced to the main plot: Raman is an Indian survivor of the Amin regime who is blackmailed by his Ugandan girlfriend (Becky) when he claims his father’s property. Coincidentally, Raman’s daughter (Sonia) falls in love with Becky’s brother (Simon). Meanwhile, Becky’s other brother (Ralph) is hustling on the streets, chasing after a thug that has links to Raman and Becky, amid raging protests against Indians.

In this enthralling story of love, betrayal, violence and racism, the cast comes out on top of their game with each character nailing their role. Arfaan Ahmed and Tony Katabula were outstanding as Raman and Simon respectively.

The film nonetheless suffers from a poor script, with many dragging scenes and redundant dialogue. It’s still a masterpiece though, at least per Ugandan standards.


5 thoughts on “Sekyaya counts profits as The Ugandan sells

  1. Patrick FUCK OFF! BITCHAS NIGGA says:

    Poor SCRIPT HUH! F3CK U F#CK U FCU5K you nigaa. Whatchu know about filmmaking maFckr ,
    and you shoudl have known if you call a person 100times and he is driving and he tells you he is driving – just fuck off coz he do wanna give no fkn interview – even after i refused to give you time a day before ma premiere u wnt ahead and fucxked ya self up writting about my awards – fuck it coz i earned em niga – you dnt need to do a good press for me to give you free passes to the grand premiere. – u know i sold out ma fuckrr but guess what its only ya and ya broke ass girl fee dat were there for free. – one thing pipo know about me real good – i dnt bribe press – coz dats fucxked up – i belive in real shit. btw i need dat 40k of ya ticked and ya bitcass gal. next time u wanna talk real shit wit me call me up – u wanna tok bussiness come over to ma office – u wanna hate come suck it. . dnt hate on real talent if yuo think by writting abt me in ya blog – u gonna sell millions – good luck – coz i doubt u really knwo who i am – u knwo one thing nigga F3CK oFF!!!1 – i am tired of beign in ya bitchass blog – all day everyday- i have kept quiet for along time now i ask you officially – BAN me from ya SUPERSTAR BLOG BItcass nigga – u knw i dnt front wit ya so dnt front wit me.

    • I could have chosen to trash this comment for its vile, smearing nature. But I guess this guy is entitled to his opinion. So I’ve approved it just so to give the whole world a sneak peek into this guy’s mind and character. Congratulations Patrick Sekyaya! Your voice is heard.

  2. oh ya ya ya ya ya ya are ths…i hear F******* coming from a person i respected…oh come on man..u cant go on writing ths shit because ur abusing a journalist..journalists are journalists…if u go on attacking them like. ths.u ll get tired and for them they wont change coz thats them…so i believe a person like u who’s respected by many…u could just play it cool..act like a professional man!

  3. Sally Kristen Paviah says:

    Patrick, me as a proffesion actres u hav realy ashamed our industry! I got no words 4 a fool like u!! U cudnt even appreciate the 85% gud news u got?! If movies were yo thing, u’d hav gladly welcomd the critism. Yo in da wrong place go plant tomatoes coz movies isnt yo thing. Yo jst gambling

  4. says:

    Ssekaaya u r the stupidest musoga. U r just an opportunist who used the Indian girl to get sponsors 4 yo premier. The movie is even fake no wonder it was rejected in the UCC Film Festival cos it was sub-standard. I watched it but Polly didn’t trush it at all cos if I could do an article abt it I wd just say one word….. Trash.( poor script, fake cinematography, stupid directing, irrelevant dialong……..the list is endless). Musoga gwe wadankaana!!!! Asshole!!!!😠😖🐉🐍

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